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Environmental measurement, fluid measurement, particle measurement

About us

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Shenyang Xinke Precision Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 1998. It is an enterprise dedicated to the development and production of non-standard fluid flow testing equipment and general testing equipment. Since its establishment, the company has been committed to the innovation and application of test equipment in environmental measurement, fluid measurement, and particle measurement. Applying sensor technology, sonic nozzle technology, automatic control technology and flow testing technology, we cooperate with customers in the automobile, motorcycle industry, metrology and verification and other industries, and provide a large number of excellent solutions and services.

corporate vision
To be the leading company in China's testing equipment!

Business philosophy
Advanced technology creates customer value
Sincere service creates customer touch


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No.58 Zhengliang 4th Road, Daoyi Development Zone, Shenbei New District, Shenyang City


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